101 Side Hustle Business Ideas You Can Use to Make Extra Money

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Who doesn’t want extra money? Well, the good news is that it has never been easier than right now to start a side hustle for extra cash.

Use your skills, brawn, brain or creativity to make money on the side. In this post, you’ll find 101 ideas to help you get started. Not every side gig will be right for you, but you can bet there’s something for everyone in this exhaustive list of side hustle ideas.

1. Graphic Design

The best businesses to start are those that you’re passionate about. If creativity gets your blood flowing and you have a knack for graphic design, this way to make money on the side may be for you.

Formal training is certainly helpful but not necessary. You can start your own website or sell your designs on sites like Etsy. Before you run out and start designing, read this post about how to start a graphic design home business.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Earn a small commission off of each sale when you recommend products or services on your website. This isn’t a get-rich-quick plan as some might want you to believe, but it’s a great way to earn extra cash from an existing website.

There are quite a few things you should know about affiliate marketing before you get started, so we recommend that you read these Dos and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing before you do anything else.

3. Web Design

Most web designers received some form of formal education in their trade. On the other hand, some really great web designers are self-taught. If you have a knack for design and know a thing or two about websites, this online business idea might be a good one for you.

Next step: Read The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started in Web Design

4. Rent on Airbnb

If you have an extra room in your house or an extra house, rent it out on Airbnb for some extra cash. Most people find that it’s an enjoyable way to make money and meet people at the same time.

If you’re new to Airbnb, check out this Beginners Guide.

5. Web Development

web developer

Web development skills are in high-demand and can bring in some big bucks. The good news is that you can learn how to build websites in just a few months with free programs like Codeacademy and Treehouse.

Once you’ve mastered your web design skills, read this post about how to start a freelance web design business.

6. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Almost anyone with a car and a driver’s license can start making money by driving for Uber or Lyft. These popular ridesharing platforms keep the demand coming, so you should be able to pick up rides whenever you have some spare time.

Start by learning the basics of ridesharing and then you can optimize your profits with these tips on making more money with Uber or Lyft.

7. Create Online Courses

Turn your expertise into dollar bills with an online knowledge-selling business. Sell your course through your own website or on sites like Lynda and Udemy.

While you’re creating an online course for cash, there’s one thing to keep in mind: It has to be interesting. Check out this post on how to create a compelling online course.

8. Perform Alterations

perform alterations

These days, most of us barely know how to sew on a button. If you’re blessed with sewing skills, put them to good use by altering other people’s clothes.

If you know enough people, you may start by word of mouth. Then, check out this article on how to start your own crafting business.

9. Sell services on Fiverr

All Fiverr gigs start out at $5, but you’ll have the option to sell add-ons for more money. Post a few gigs that you can knock out quickly, and you’ll be surprised at how it can add up.

To make the most out of your efforts, read these 10 tips for new Fiverr sellers.

10. Sell Ebooks

If you have a skill or a story to share, consider putting it into an ebook that you can sell online. You don’t necessarily need great writing skills; you can always hire an editor or ghostwriter.

If you’re stuck on where to begin, check out this guide to writing ebooks that sell.

11. Develop an App

There’s an app for just about anything. There’s even an app for developing apps. But you may have an idea to create something in a way that hasn’t been done before. If so, you can turn your ideas into a side business by becoming an app developer.

You can charge a few bucks for your app or make it available for free (you can still make money!). Read this post about how to make money selling free apps.

12. Tutor Via Skype

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, if you have a degree and an internet connection, you can tutor people via Skype. This is also a great way to make money while traveling.

13. Become an Instagram Marketer

Build a following on Instagram and you may be approached by major brands that will pay you to push their product. Just be sure to keep a balance between making money and keeping your integrity. People will stop following you if they think you’re only out for cash.

Want to learn more? Read about how to make money on Instagram here.

14. Bake


If you’re always getting compliments on your cakes, you may be able to turn baking into a side hustle. Start by getting the word out that you’re selling your cakes and watch your home business grow by word-of-mouth.

Don’t stress about the business side of things before you read this Baker’s Guide to Opening a Successful Bakery.

15. Become an Online Coach

If you have expertise in finance, business, fitness, or life in general, you can make money with online coaching.

Before you make this leap, look at these 3 habits of successful fitness coaches. These habits can be applied to any coaching business.

16. Find Odd Jobs on TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an on-demand service where you can find errand-running tasks in your area. Earn money in your spare time by completing real-world tasks for regular people.

Interested? Check out this list of popular tasks you can find to make money on TaskRabbit.

17. Start a Blog

You won’t get fast money by starting a blog, but if your blog delivers value to an audience, you could make a great deal of passive income.

Before you decide on a URL, learn how to start a successful blog in 5 steps.

18. Start a Podcast

If you can build an audience for it, you can make a decent side living from advertising sponsors for your podcast.

And that’s not all. Learn 8 ways to earn money from your podcast here.

19. Bookkeeping/Accounting


With some mathematical and organizational skills, you can help other businesses keep their finances in order. Bookkeeping is a great side job because you don’t need a specialized degree, and you may not even need extensive work experience. Really! Check out this post on how to start a bookkeeping business from home with no experience. If you have an accounting degree, you may find it easier to get those bookkeeping jobs.

20. Start a Sales Funnel Consulting Business

So many businesses struggle with creating high-converting sales funnels. If your day job is in marketing or sales, you may be able to consult with businesses on how to optimize their sales funnels.

Funnel consulting may be the highest paying part-time gig you’ve never heard of.

21. Resell on Amazon

It’s easier than you think to become an Amazon seller. Anyone can do it. You can even hit the garage sales each weekend and resell some of your treasures on this mega-platform. Or you can consider partnering with a dropshipper to resell their goods without the risk of inventory.

Here are some examples of garage sale finds you can flip on Amazon.

22. Become a Brand Ambassador

Major brands are always looking for regular (and fabulous) people like yourself to help with on-the-ground marketing efforts.

Want to know more? Check out these 6 things you should know about being a brand ambassador.

23. Consult with Local Businesses

Maybe you’ve learned a lot from your side hustle website or social media campaigns. Or maybe your full-time gig has made you an expert in business. Consider sharing the wealth and consulting with local businesses.

Next step: Check out this post on how to start a consulting business.

24. Produce an audiobook

If you’ve had success with an ebook and want to maximize profits, consider producing an audiobook. Or if you have an idea and would rather speak it than write it, produce an audiobook (just make sure it’s polished enough for sale). Platforms like ACX make it easy to create and sell audiobooks on platforms like iTunes and Audible.

Learn how to get started making money with audiobooks here.

25. Start a Phone Case Business

phone case business

Mobile phone accessories represent an enormous market, and a phone case business can be a majorly profitable home business. You don’t even need special equipment. Companies like Case Escape offer turnkey solutions for you to create and sell your own phone cases. Sell them on Etsy, Fancy or Amazon Handmade.

Read this article if you think you’re ready to join the ranks of those making over $100,000 selling phone cases on Etsy.

26. Build an Authority Website

Of all the home business ideas we’ve mentioned, this one is at the top of the easier-said-than-done list. However, if you can build an authority website, you can make a great deal of cash on the side. Consider starting in a specialized niche where you have some expertise.

The state of authority alone does not bring in cash. If you’re interested in making money, learn about these 3 techniques for earning passive income from your website.

27. Become a Landing Page Specialist

If you’ve spent some time in the internet marketing realm, you may have some idea about what helps a page convert. If not, you can learn. This job typically involves some writing prowess, but you can also team up with copywriters to get the job done.

Wondering where to start? Try this post about how to become a landing page CRO expert.

28. Become a Virtual Assistant

When organization is your life, you may be a natural VA (virtual assistant). It’s also helpful to have some bookkeeping and spreadsheet skills as a VA, but it’s not 100% necessary. The skills you’ll need depend on the job. You can get your feet wet with a few jobs on Upwork before starting your own Virtual Assistant business.

29. Become a Housesitter

Housesitting may not be the most consistent money around, but when you can find jobs, it’s easy money. Get the word out through friends, flyers and on sites like Nextdoor that you’re available for house sitting. Offer references upfront to increase your trustworthiness.

When you’re ready to up the ante, advertise your housesitting business on these sites.

30. Become a SAT Tutor

Remember how brutal it was to study for the SATs? If you got a great score yourself, you can help students prepare for this beast of a test. You may have to brush up on your skills, but you can make some good money around SAT time.

Before you advertise for your first job, you’ll want to see these 5 tips for starting out as an SAT tutor.

31. Be a Travel Consultant

travel consultant

If you’re a living, breathing nomad, this job may be right up your alley. As a whole, the personal travel agency business has taken a hit, but you can still make money by providing a specialized service. Start by helping friends and asking for referrals. Prove that your travel booking skills are better than the best online travel website and you’ll make bank doing what you love.

Once you’ve had a few successful encounters, learn how to start your very own travel consulting business.

32. Become an Interior Design Consultant

Interior design may come naturally to you, but it doesn’t for everyone. Rent out your eye for design as an interior design consultant. The best part-time jobs are the ones where you get paid to do what you love.

Get started with your own interior design consulting firm in just 10 steps.

33. Start a Mobile Car Detailing Service

Mobile detailing services are on the low-cost end of the side hustle spectrum, and it’s relatively easy to find clients. Offer a few low-cost jobs in exchange for referrals at office parts or schools and your clientele list will grow.

Learn how to get your detailing business started without any overhead.

34. Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

You don’t even need to own a carpet cleaning machine to start your own carpet cleaning side business. You can rent one from any hardware store and most grocery stores.

Start by reviewing these tips for opening a carpet cleaning side business.

35. Get Involved in Caregiving

Websites like Care.com have helped the caregiving industry explode. Fortunately, there’s a lot of demand for good caregivers. Start on a site like Care.com or use word-of-mouth to build a good reputation before opening your own caregiving side business.

36. Start a Babysitting Business


As long as there are kids, there will be a need for childcare. You may find that you can run a successful babysitting business on the side, or you may want to quit your day job and open a daycare. You have options.

37. Start a Cleaning Service

This clearly isn’t a glamorous job, but it’s one you can easily do on off hours. If you start a cleaning service that caters to offices, your services will typically be in-demand in the late evenings when your day job has ended.

38. Open a Computer Repair Service

Some people just have a knack for the technical side of things. If this is you, you may be able to make some good side cash by fixing computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The repair market is wide open for solo-preneurs like yourself to claim your spot.

Before you do anything else, review the pros and cons of opening a computer repair shop.

39. Start Computer Tutoring

When you’ve spent your life around computers, it can be tough to imagine anyone who isn’t computer savvy. But you can put your computer intuition to good use by tutoring other people in the basics of email, MS Office, and the Internet. It’s an easy job if you have the patience.

40. Sell on Etsy

Whether you’re a painter, jewelry maker or a graphic designer, you can make money selling your handmade creations on Etsy. It’s a high-traffic site with loads of opportunity, but there are some things you should know before you can make money on Etsy.

41. Focus on Headshot Photography

With so many people who have great home business ideas and are looking for ways to make money on the side, there’s an excess of professionals who need high-quality headshots. If you’re a skilled photographer, you can cash in on this trend by specializing in headshots with your photography business.

42. Become a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer

Being a wedding photographer can be a high-stress job, but it pays very well. If you’re a talented lifestyle and candid shot photographer, you can charge between $2,500 and $10,000 for just one wedding. Wedding photography is one of the best businesses to start if you’re looking to make big bucks on the side.

43. Greeting card writer

This is probably one home business idea you’ve never considered, but you can earn $300 for every greeting card poem that a company publishes.

44. Rent Your Car on Turo

Own more than one car? Consider renting one of them on Turo. There’s a $1 million insurance policy on all cars and drivers are prescreened, so the risk is minimal.

If that sounds interesting to you, check out these tips for maximizing revenue on Turo.

45. Become an Online News Correspondent

Anyone can be a reporter these days. And yes, that includes you! You can make money by selling your news stories to sites like the Examiner or HuffPost. Just make sure they are relevant and newsworthy.

46. Patent Something

This can be a highly-lucrative side hustle, but it’s definitely not for everyone. To make money with patented concepts, you must be able to come up with concepts that can be produced affordably. Then, you can sell your idea to a company who is interested in creating and selling the product.

47. Become a personal chef

personal chef

Do you love to cook? Well, if you’re also good at it, you could make money as a personal chef. You can create meals at home and deliver them or cook on-site for your customers.

Before you buy an abundance of avocados, read this article about how to get started with your personal chef business.

48. Walk dogs

There are only a few qualifications to becoming an in-demand dog walker. You should probably enjoy the company of dogs, but you should also be dependable and relatively fit. If that sounds like you, read this post about how to get your dog walking business off the ground.

49. Create YouTube Tutorials

Are you really good at doing things? Or life in general? You can make money by creating YouTube tutorials within your area of expertise. Whether it’s makeup, mechanics or money management, you can earn money on the side with this method.

50. Teach a Language

If you’re lucky enough to be bi- or multi-lingual, you can turn your knowledge into cash by teaching others. You can even teach English to people from non-English speaking countries.

Read this post for more on making money by teaching a language.

51. Become a Freelance Article Writer

Don’t let your grammar-nazi skills go to waste on social media. Turn them into a side business by showing off your writing prowess as a freelance article writer. Smart businesses are willing to pay well for high-quality content, so you can earn a good side income as a freelance writer.

52. Become a Personal Trainer

personal trainer

This is one of those home business ideas where you will need some credentials before you get started. But personal training certifications are relatively easy and inexpensive to get. Once you’re certified, you can find clients and earn decent side money as a personal trainer.

53. Music lessons

If you play a musical instrument, consider teaching others in your city or town. You can advertise through social media or in-person networking.

54. Write resumes

There is some seriously good money in resume writing – if you know what you’re doing. Advertise your resume-writing services on LinkedIn and other professional sites.

55. Become a movie extra

Get your 15 seconds of fame and make a few bucks by becoming a movie extra. If you find you like being on-screen, this may even lead to an acting career. Of course, jobs will be easier to come by when you live in a major city like New York or Los Angeles.

56. Become a driving instructor

driving instructor

If you’re a great driver with an impeccable record, consider getting licensed as a driving instructor. You can advertise your services online through sites like Craigslist and Nextdoor.

57. Become an investor

Peer-to-peer lending makes it easy to invest in private companies with minimal risk. Your investment is typically spread amongst many companies to minimize risk and you have a great deal of control over your investment. Although investments like mutual funds may be safer, your gains stand to be higher with peer-to-peer lending. Think of yourself like a shark from the television show Shark Tank.

58. Perform Customer Service

Start a customer service company with you as the first employee. Look for a business or multiple businesses that need coverage in the hours you’re available. Once you’ve perfected that, you can expand your customer service business to include additional employees.

59. Start a Doula Service

You will need specialized training to become a doula, and the hours can be unpredictable, but doulas can earn $500 to $1,000 per birth.

60. Start an E-commerce Business

Sell products through your own website or through Amazon or eBay. There are benefits to selling on your own site versus Amazon or eBay (and vice versa), so choose the one that’s right for you. If you sell products through a dropshipper, you won’t have to worry about inventory. Items will be shipped directly to your customers.

61. DJ Events


DJing has become somewhat of a lost art, but many people still prefer the energy that only a good DJ can bring. You’ll need some “spinning” talent and equipment to get started. Have a look at this post for more tips on how to start a DJ business.

62. Become a Ghostwriter

If you have some great writing skills and don’t mind another person taking credit, ghostwriting may be up your alley. Possibly the best part is that it’s easy to get started with ghostwriting.

63. Start a Handyman Service

If you’re handy with the tools and can tackle virtually any DIY project with confidence, you may want to consider starting a handyman service. Start by offering your time on projects. As your customer base grows, you may consider hiring other handy people to help.

64. Start Your Own Newspaper

In an age where everything is done online, it may sound crazy to start a newspaper. Hear us out. If you can sell enough ads to cover the cost of printing and distributing (free bins at the grocery store?) and still make a profit, your newspaper will be a great side business.

65. Run a Mobile Laundry Service

mobile laundry service

Do you have any idea how many people hate laundry? There may not be solid statistics on this one, but it’s safe to say it’s A LOT. Take the problem off their hands by offering a laundry pickup and drop-off service in your area. People are willing to pay a premium to get rid of this inconvenient chore, so it’s a solid home business idea.

66. Start a Junk Hauling Service

Have a truck? You can start a junk hauling service. Most people are willing to pay to avoid the hassle of figuring out bulk pickup day. Doesn’t it seem like you only find out about it the day after?

67. Start a Medical Transcription Service

You can do medical transcription from the comfort of your own home whenever you have time. All you have to do is type out doctors’ recorded notes. And for complete control, you can start your own medical transcription service.

68. Offer Mobile Oil Changes

Here’s the truth about oil changes: you don’t have to be a licensed mechanic to do them well. Of course, it will help with your cred if you are, but it’s not necessary. With a little guidance, most people can change the oil in their own cars, but who wants the hassle. Provide a mobile oil change service for some extra cash and you may be surprised at how easy it is to find customers.

69. Offer a Notary Public Service

You’ll have to become certified to be a notary public, but the cost is generally under $100. Once you’re certified, you can charge whatever you’d like. You may also find that choosing a specialty for your notary public service is most profitable. 

70. Start Party Planning

party planner

Some people get a thrill out of choosing the perfect linens to coordinate with a party theme. If this sounds like you, you may be able to start a side event planning business.

71. Start a Pet Grooming Business

Pets need haircuts too! Well, some do. Others need nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Start a mobile grooming service as a low-cost, part-time gig. Just be sure to get hands-on training before you test your skills on someone else’s pet.

72. Start a Pet Sitting Business

It can be scary for pet owners to leave their dogs or cats at a kennel. And what if they have fish that need to be fed? You can fill a need and make extra money with a pet sitting business. Find work on Rover.com or through word-of-mouth.

73. Buy and Sell Domain Names

This isn’t a new concept, and much like during the gold rush, these rivers have been picked over. Still, there are plenty of other names you can grab for about $10 and resell. If you can average $100 per sale, you’ve made a nice profit without getting off of your couch.

Next steps: Read this post about domain flipping before you do anything else.

74. Start a Pop-up Shop

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own brick-and-mortar retail location? Well, that’s definitely not a side gig – but you can start a pop-up shop and create weekend events all around town. Sell anything –baked goods, clothing, baseball cards – whatever. When you sell through a pop-up shop, most of the profit goes straight into your pocket.

75. Brew Your Own Beer

brew beer

Ask any entrepreneur for advice on running a successful business, and they’ll probably tell you to follow your passion. So why shouldn’t you brew your own beer as a side gig? There are no good reasons. Grab an easy-to-use brewing kit online and start experimenting already.

76. Freelance Proofreading and Editing

When you grow tired of correcting your friends’ Facebook posts (“for the last time, it’s YOU’RE!”), consider making money from that little habit of yours. And maybe you’ll get your editing itch out of the way, so your friends can go back to typing “there” as a possessive pronoun.

You don’t need much to get started. This post will tell you how to find the right freelance editing jobs.

77. Become a Yoga Instructor

yoga instructor

Yoga is about as popular as ever, so if this is your passion, consider signing up to teach. You’ll need to become certified to teach (in most places), but it can be a very fun and fulfilling side hustle for you. You’ll even get some exercise as you make money.

78.  Become a Translator

If you know another language well enough to be able to translate, your services may be in high demand. There’s less competition for translation jobs in a less popular language, but the jobs may be fewer and farther between. Either way, you should be able to make a decent side wage by finding translation jobs. You can start your own website, but sites like Upwork and Flexjobs are faster and easier to get started with.

79. Become a Tour Guide

If you live in a city that attracts tourists, consider advertising your services as a tour guide. There will undoubtedly be stiff competition, so consider creating a unique experience for your customers like a pizza tour or ghost hunt.

80. Sell Stock Photography

If you’ve ever browsed Getty Images, you know that some stock photos go for big bucks. You’ll need some serious photography skills to command top dollar, but the simple truth is that anyone can make money with stock photography. Not every company has the budget to pay for ultra-premium images, so there’s demand across the spectrum.

Looking to sell some stock photos? Here’s a comparison of the major services.

81. Teach DIY projects

Who said your Pinterest obsession wasn’t going to get you rich? If you’re a fan of browsing and re-creating DIY projects, you may want to share the knowledge. Not everyone can read a tutorial and get it right on the first try. A series of “Nailed It” memes proves this to be true. If only those people had someone to teach them how to DIY those projects.

You can sell your lessons on portals like DIY Network, Instructables or DIY.org.

82. Modeling

Modeling isn’t just about looks. It takes a certain attitude and skill to become a model. Oh, and you’ll also need to bring your thick skin. But if you can find a freelance agent and get some good headshots, you may just have a shot at making this a lucrative side hustle.

Modeling is nothing if not complex, so before you even think about getting started, read this.

83. Real Estate Sales

real estate sales

It’s easy to break into the commission-based world of real estate sales; that’s a plus. But because it’s so easy, there are a lot of realtors. Don’t let that intimidate you. If you have a charismatic personality and a drive to succeed, you can rise to the top and become very successful with part-time real estate sales. 

84.  Make Custom Furniture

Woodworking is a well-respected craft that also happens to pay well. If you can take a piece of wood and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture, this is the side gig for you. You’ll find that it’s a rewarding and profitable experience from start to finish.

You can even sell your handcrafted furniture online.

85. Make Handmade Jewelry

The custom jewelry industry is set to grow at a rate of 5-6%, so it’s the perfect time to get into handmade jewelry-making. If you’re new to the craft, take a few courses online or in person. And then read this post about how to sell your handmade jewelry online.

86. Work on Gigwalk

Gigwalk and TaskRabbit are similar animals, and you can use both to find odd jobs to make money on the side. Payouts range considerably, so spend some time browsing before you decide whether this side business is right for you.

87. Become an Appraiser

You can run a real estate appraisal business part-time from your home, and have fun in the process. You don’t need a college degree, but you’ll need appraiser credentials. This includes relevant training and professional licenses. It may take some prep work, but this can be a great side job once you’re up and running.

88. Wrap Your Car

If you’re willing to drive around in an ad-mobile, you can make a few hundred dollars a month. You’ll first need to answer questions about your car and driving habits, but once approved, companies like Wrapify will pay you for your advertising.

89. Become a Human Billboard

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t get embarrassed easily, you may want to parade around high-traffic areas wearing a billboard. Companies are willing to pay a surprising amount of money for human billboards.

90. Clean Pools

pool cleaner

Everyone loves to hang out at the pool. No one likes to clean it. That’s why pool cleaners are in such high demand. If you don’t mind the job, this may be your best way to make money on the side.

91. Officiate Recreational Sports Games

Are you an expert on the rules of soccer, baseball or volleyball? If so, you may be able to land a side gig officiating local sports game. Side bonus: You get to watch sports.

92. Coach a Sports Team

Coaching is the next best thing to playing your favorite game, and here’s the kicker: you can get paid to coach! If this isn’t the best side business ever, who knows what is! Full-time coaches make a median salary of $30,400, so you can expect about half that for part-time work.

93. Sell on TeeSpring

When your dream is to quit your day job to sell t-shirts on the beach, this automated side hustle might sound appealing. Learn how to get started and maximize your efforts with TeeSpring here.

94. Sell on CafePress

If you’re confident in your design skills, put them up for sale on CafePress products. Here are some tips to help you start a successful CafePress business. It’s easier than you think!

95. Print Your Own T-Shirts

Claim your own slice of the multi-million dollar t-shirt business by printing your own t-shirts. You’ll have more control over the design process, and you’ll get to keep more of your profits than with TeeSpring or CafePress.

This route is slightly more involved than the other two, though. Be sure to read this post before you start your own t-shirt printing business.

96. Clean Windows

People are always willing to pay extra for the jobs they despise doing themselves. Everyone likes to be able to look out a clean window, but no one wants to get outside and clean them. Handle the job yourself and you could have a profitable side business on your hands.

97.  Do Yard Work

yard work

You can go so far as to start your own landscaping business, or you can let your neighbors know that you’re available to mow lawns and pull weeds on the weekends. Both are great ways to make some extra cash.

98. Work on Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk offers everyone the opportunity to do some almost-mindless tasks after they get home from work. To be honest, the process could be somewhat relaxing. Mechanical Turk jobs don’t pay much, but they also don’t take long to complete. With some effort, you could turn this Mechanical Turk thing into a lucrative side gig.

99. Become a Public Speaker

If you’re comfortable speaking in front of crowds, you may be able to make some money as a public speaker. Your first order of business will be to find your audience. That involves choosing a niche. You can find speaking gigs about virtually anything, even about the act of speaking itself, but some pay better than others. Read this post about how to choose a profitable niche for your public speaking career.

100. Refurbish Antiques

Some people look at garage sale finds and see trash. You see buried treasure. If you enjoy restoring antique items to their original luster, you may have found your side gig. You can refurbish and sell your garage sale finds on Amazon or eBay.

101. Clean Gutters

Gutters are the area that most new homeowners neglect. Then they realize the importance on a rainy late fall or winter day. New or old, most homeowners would love to outsource their gutter-cleaning duties. Give them the chance to outsource and give yourself the chance to build a flourishing side business cleaning gutters.

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